Monday, May 25, 2009

In solidarity with the campaign for equality

سرود براربری کاری از کمپین یک میلیون امضا
ابتکاری زیبا

Friday, May 8, 2009

sar oomad zemestoon سر اومد زمستون میر حسین موسوی

The last prime minister of Iran Mosavi is running for presidential election, his campaign made this ad using an old song which belongs to Marxist opposition groups, the sad story is that many of those activists where executed and tortured 20 years ago when he was prime minister.According to constitution judiciary system is acting separately and prime minister or president are not responsible for what happens in the court.Hard liners executed many innocent people, it can be considered as mass killings, he had no critique of that action at the time and stayed silent for more than 20 years.Now he is back as a moderate reformist, he served as prime minister for 8 years and people have good memories of his time.Mosavi is an artist and professor of traditional architecture a leftist who is well known for driving his old car and not being corrupt.
His opponent Dr Ahmadinejad current president of Iran was the son of a blacksmith who served as mayor and governor is a humble man I believe millions of lower class enjoyed his redistribution of income.
Western media just demonized him, this is what I think about him after four years he was in office.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Muslim Demographics

Another abusive video against Muslims, this is just targeted emigrants I'm so sorry that there is such systematic propaganda against Muslim population.