Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I am proud

I have been admitted for the second time in a graduate program in the university of Oslo.
Today I was looking at some thing in the web page of University of Oslo and I found this statement.Under the topic it is written
What are my chances of being admitted as a student?
Competition for graduate courses is very keen. Only the best qualified applicants are considered for admission and a wide geographical, educational, and professional representation of participants is sought for these courses. In the past years, only 15-20% of the graduate course applicants have been admitted. Note that it is only possible to apply for one graduate course, if you list several the ISS will only consider you for the course most clearly linked to your educational and professional background. Tailor your application towards the course you wish to study.
so according to this text I should be a genus, ha ha
My friends all are agree ,,,