Thursday, December 6, 2007

"در آن جلسه علي‌رغم عدم حضور برخي از شاكيان و حضور تنها سه نفر كه آنها نيز چندين مرتبه اعلا‌‌م كردند كه اظهارات گذشته‌شان دروغ بوده و چنين عملي با آنها انجام نشده است، قضات دادگاه با استناد به علم قاضي آن‌هم علم به وجود ايقاب (دخول كامل) نسبت به صدور حكم اعدام اقدام كردند."

ریدم به اون قاضی ای که "علم" بی علمش می گه یه جوون بیست ساله به خاطر یه رابطه جنسی تو سیزده سالگی اش باید اعدام بشه. ریدم به اون قاضی ای که علم بی علمش می گه یه مرد به خاطر عاشق بودن و زندگی با زنی که فکر می کنه شرعا صیغه اش کرده باید سنگسار بشه. ریدم به اون قاضی ای که علمش می گه دختر 17 ساله رو باید 23 ساله جا زد و به جرم فحشا اعدامش کرد.

ریدم به اون دستگاه قضائی که اجازه می ده مرگ و زندگی یک انسان دست یک قاضی الاغ نفهم بیفته. ریدم به اون دستگاه قضائی که توش دستورات رئیسش رو به یک ورشون هم نمی گیرن و حکم همون چند تا پرونده ای هم که آقای رئیس می رسه ببینه و غیرقانونی تشخیص بده هم باز اجرا می شه. ریدم به اون سیستم قضائی که جوون بیست ساله اش رو اعدام می کنه، بدون حضور وکیلش، بدون اطلاع خانواده اش، بدون توجه به حکم رئیس برگ چغندر قوه قضائیه، بدون توجه به شونصد تا ابهام تو پرونده، بدون توجه به وجدان.

ریدم به خودم که تو یه همچین مملکتی به دنیا اومدم که انسانیت هر روز توش اعدام می شه.

آقای شاهرودی، شما خجالت نمی کشین هنوز رئیس قوه قضائیه هستین؟ تا کی می خواین خودتون رو مسخره کنین. استعفا بدین که دیگه ما دلمون با نامه های بی اثر شما هم خوش نشه. مدتهاست معلومه که شما برگ چغندری بیش نیستین. استعفا بدین شاید این بازی های قدرت هم تو قوه قضائیه تموم بشه و اینقدر آدم نمیرن برای اینکه یه گروهی تو قوه قضائیه ثابت کنه زورش از گروه شما بیشتره و شما هویج هم نیستین. آقای جمشیدی، حال شما چطوره راستی؟ هنوز هم ماله کشی می فرمایید؟

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

To: The Secretary General of the United Nations,

Mr.Ban Ki-Moon,

Respectfully Sir,

We are informing you that once again Mr. Heshmatollah Tabarzadi, a journalist & a human rights activist has been arrested by the revolutionary guards of the Islamic regime in Iran.

His arrest among the arrest of other political activists in Iran is a wake up call to the continuing violations of political & human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

We are informing you that the political and human rights activists in Iran are facing an uphill battle.

In 1997 Mr Tabarzadi journalist & a politically disgruntled citizen whom is against the Islamic government in Iran had written an article with the title of “Ali did not have a torture chamber”, & was condemned by Teheran’s revolution court to 14 years imprisonment .

With the argument of his defending attorney Mr. Ali Akbar Behmanesh the verdict was send to the 7TH filial of the supreme court council of Iran for the final verdict.

Which then in appeal court the sentences was reduced to 9 years,5 years for “ formation and organizing of an oppositional party called ” Jebhehye Democratic Iran.”.

According to Mr. Behmanesh the defending attorney , Mr. Tabarzadi has exceeded his sentence & has served more then 6 years of which 2 years was spent in solitary confinement in different prison cells such as the “Tohid prison” , the 209 section of the notorious ward of the Evin prison”, “the Revolutionary Guards Prison 59″,section 2 of the Ministry of Information Guards Prison & “the ministry of intelligence and security prison.”

Meanwhile, on the 11TH of November the Ministry of Intelligence summoned and interrogated Heshmatollah Tabarzadi, director of Iran’s Democratic Front party, about his activities while temporarily released on provisional basis from the Evin Prison & once again was put back behind bars in Evin prison.

The government’s poor human rights record has worsened & as of today Mr Tabarzadi’s attorney has no knowledge of his location and or his present condition.

We would therefore urge the united nations & all other civil & human rights organizations to unite with us in defending our political prisoners and to work together in order to condemn this inhumane conduct & to put a stop to the kidnapping , the illegal arrests by the Islamic government of Iran & the agents of it’s ministry’s intelligence agency.

there are tens of political dissidents, human rights activists, students, trade union officials and workers, as well as many other Iranians from all walks of life currently held behind bars at the ” Evin , Gohar Dasht, Ghezel Hesar , Dizel Abad & other notorious prisons in smaller cities”. the real crime of these innocent people, seems to be, the practice for freedom of opinion and expression & being involved in civil society & it’s rights.

But in a country where dress cods are forced on people, relationship of the opposite sex & make up for women is considered a crime , then reading & writing human rights articles are also a crime.

We are concerned about the safety & life of Heshmatollah Tabarzadi, & other political prisoners in Iran ..we regret to see the repeat of the same destination of ” Valliyollah Feyz Mahdavi, Akbar Mohammadi, Dr. Zahra Bani Yghoob ” who have all died mysteriously in the Islamic regime & it’s prisons.

We would therefore urge the Secretary General of the United Nations to assign a special investigating committee to visit & release all political prisoners unconditionally.

We believe that this regime will back off with a complete sanction against it’s government.